Restructure Your Finances


Do you need time to re-organize your finances?

If your debts have gotten out of control and you’re avoiding answering the telephone because of collections calls, there is a way for you to get the creditors off your back and buy yourself time to restructure your finances so you can pay all of your creditors in-full.



Benefits of Chapter 13



    Stop foreclosure

  • Keep your home

  • End harassing contact

  • Restructure your finances

  • Re-pay your creditors

  • And more 


Put an end to harassment from your creditors immediately

When you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, typically you’re allowed to keep your home and assets. However, you must be earning wages or have some type of regular income. You also must agree to repay part or all of your overdue debts according to a payment plan that is approved by the court. Once approved, your creditors will be notified to cease and desist all contact with you immediately. The court will also appoint a trustee who will collect the payments from you and get your creditors paid.