Discharge Your Debts

Chapter 7

Are your debts spiraling out of control?

An accident, illness or injury and even the loss of a job can have your debts spiraling out of control in no time. If you find yourself suffocating under a mound of heavy debt, you need to know that relief is just a phone call away!







The highs and lows of Chapter 7 bankruptcy

  • No repayment plan

  • Most debts discharged, wipes the slate clean

  • Does not stop foreclosure

  • Does not avoid repossession

  • Property may be subject to liens

  • Only exempt property may be kept, remainder is liquidated

  • May result in loss of property



Chapter 7 bankruptcy isn’t as bad on your credit rating as you may think

Provided you are careful with your finances after having your debts discharged under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy code, your credit may not suffer nearly as badly as you may have heard. In fact, you may even be able to begin re-establishing a positive credit rating almost right away. Be sure to speak with our experienced attorneys about all of your options prior to committing to a final decision.